OSHA Compliance Products for Hospitals and Laboratories

OSHA Compliance Program

Turnkey OSHA Compliance Program

New updated veterinary version! OSHA compliance is the law and this comprehensive, all-in-one package will provide Veterinary facilites with all training materials and products required for workplace safety. The easy to follow program manual outlines a step by step approach to employee training and facility compliance specifically for the healthcare environment. In addition to the manual, the kit includes an assortment of over 300 labels, wall charts covering hazardous materials and blood borne pathogens, and samples of forms required for recordkeeping. A yearly update subscription program is also available.

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Eye Safety

Protect your staff in style with new, modern design Pyramex safety glasses. A wide, single lens affords complete eye coverage and is coated for superior scratch resistance and UV protection. The durable lightweight nylon frames and adjustable temples make these glasses exceptionally comfortable to wear. Black frames. Also available in colors. Call for pricing. 

2.86/pr or 31.46/doz  
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Universal Mount eyewash

Emergency Eyewash Station w/Eliminator Valve

Economical emergency eyewash unit installs easily on any faucet without interfering with normal operation. One-step activation works by simply pushing the eliminator knob to deliver a soft, aerated stream of water to simultaneously rinse contaminants from both eyes. Water pressure holds the eyewash on, leaving the user’s hands free. Threaded inlet and adapter permits attachment to any standard faucet.

Universal spill kit2

Universal Spill Kit

Keep your laboratory compliant with our Worksafe® Spill Kit. Comes nicely packaged in a handy polypropylene case with integrated hanger/handle. Each kit contains:
Omnizorb™ Absorbent Powder
Bio-Clean Scoop with Scraper
Absorbent Towels
P.A.W.S..™ Antimicrobial Hand Wipe
S.O.S.™ Surface Cleaning Wipe
Respirator Mask (Class N95)
Disposal Bags and Labels
Nitrile Gloves, Gown, Goggles, Shoe Covers

61.57      Note: A specialized kit for blood and body fluids is available.

Universal spill kit2



Proper Identification is the Law

OSHA requirements mandate that any solution transferred from the manufacturer's packaging to a secondary container must have OSHA approved labeling. Our easy to read solvent resistant LDPE bottles are preprinted with DOT and NFPA codes as well as other compliance requirements. Pre-labeled 500 ml wash bottles are available for most common solutions used in and around the hospital. A do-it-yourself (universal template) wash bottle is also available for customizing. Choose from:
Ethanol 70%
Isopropyl Alcohol
Universal (Add your own information.)

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Safety labeled wash bottles

Wash Bottles Feature Unitary Design

 NEW! 500 ml. wash bottles are color coded with easy to read labels that comply with OSHA labeling requirements. The easy squeeze bottles feature unitary design with a drip-free dispensing spout built into the side of the bottle.  Choose from a variety of common laboratory solutions as well as a “universal” graphic for self-labeling. Click here for listing. Available as packages of 6 only.

45.48/Pkg. 6