Veterinary Educator's Corner

Poop Without the Scoop. One of our most popular products is our fixed suspensions of parasite ova and protozoans. By placing just a drop or two on a slide, students will be able to observe positive results exactly as they would in practice. Pre-stained slides of common fecal and blood parasites are also available as are stained slides of common dermatophytes. No more running around to animal shelters in search of positive specimens. Develop your own specimen bank right in your lab!  Complete Listing

Organisms for Microbiology Study. We have an extensive listing of pure culture organisms that can be reconstituted and grown on a variety of agar plates to demonstrate morphology and chemical reactions. Our Gram and Acid Fast QC microscope slides have unstained organisms affixed to them with an open area for patient specimens. Since your students will be simultaneously staining known organisms along with live specimens, they can immediately assess their technique. Preserved specimens of common Dermatophytes are also available. Complete Listing


Ectoparasite Slides.
These are professionally mounted examples of many common ectoparasites of animals. These specimens of mites, lice, and tickst have been clarified and stained to enhance detail.and permanently mounted on microscope slides. Choose from Sarcoptes, Otodectes, Linognathus, common Flea, Rhipicephalus, and more. See our complete listing here. Addtional species may be avaialble. Call or email us! 
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Common Parasite Slide Set. Improve everyone's microscopic skills with our Quicklearn teaching slide set. Each set contains 10 pre-stained mounted specimens of common dermatophytes, blood parasites, and fecal protozoa. Permanent slides can be used over and over again. Organisms include  Giardia spp. (Cysts and Trophozoite forms), Eimeria (Coccidian), Microsporum canis, Microsporum gypseum, Trichophyton mentogrophytes, Babesia Spp., Dirofilaria immitis (in blood smear), Otodectes cynotis, Sarcoptic mite, Rhipicephalus sanguineus (Brown Dog Tick). Packaged in a handy slide box. 199.00/set. Want to build your own set? Check our Complete Listing  *Note: Depending on availability, some organisms included in set subject to change.


Urinalysis Products. Our preassayed multi-level urine controls can be used to demonstrate the complete urinalysis including dipstick testing, specific gravity measurement, and sediment preparation. The  disposable Kova urine sediment system is an excellent companion product for teaching urine microscopy. Sediment preparations are read using the uniquely designed Kova slide which provides an an even distribution of microscopic elements that greatly improves visualization . (More information and demo.) 

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Photomicroscopy. Now you can capture microscopic Images with just your smartphone. The Smart Capture System is a fast and easy way to photograph microscopic specimens for saving or for displaying in real-time using a monitor, video projector, or wireless screen sharing. Just attach the holder to the microscope eyepiece, adjust the secure grips to the size of your phone, open your camera app, and Voila!, you're ready to capture gorgeous high resolution images and video. Since there are no optical parts, you are limited only by the imaging capabilities of your phone and your imagination!. More.


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