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The Complete In-Clinic Solution 
for Avian Leukocyte Counts

Long considered the gold standard for avian hematology, BD’s Eosiniophil Unopette® was  discontinued back in 2007 leaving practitioners with no practical means for performing total WBC in birds and reptiles. With the Unopette system as our product model, we incorporated the same stains, dilutions, and calculations into our Leukopet™ kit with the goal of facilitating a seamless transition from the original BD product. With a now proven track record of more than 100,000 tests run to date, you can be completely confident of the Leukopet™ system's performance and we guarantee it!

Both our 50 and 100 test Leukopet kits consist of prefilled tubes containing 0.1% phloxine, a 25 ul Minipet®, and disposable tips. The Leukopet test procedure itself faithfully mirrors the original Unopette® procedure requiring no change to the  mathematical formula.  Also available is an economical 100 test “fill-it-yourself” kit containing 100 empty tubes with caps, bottled ready to use 0.1% Phloxine, and 25 ul pipette and tips.  (Requires a digital pipettor for dispensing 775 ul of phloxine; sold separately.) Click here for package insert Instructions.

Avian Leukopet™ (prefilled) kit; 50T
Avian Leukopet™ (prefilled) kit; 100T

Leukopet™ "fill-it-yourself" kit; 100T
Adjustable Digital Pipettor 100-1000 ul (For dispensing Phloxine into tubes)
Pipet Tips 5 X 200 Rack Pack
0.1% Phloxine; 250 ml
Polypropylene Microtube Rack
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