Innovative Technology for the

Equine Practice Laboratory

Vet 360 Chek three quarter view 300dpi Measure Protein in Peritoneal Fluid Quickly and Accurately

Intra-abdominal disorders are frequently accompanied by elevations in peritoneal fluid protein  exceeding 2.5 g/dl. In the early stages of colic, protein values will start to inch up towards 3.0 g/dl.  Upward trending values over 4.0 g/dl may signal the onset of more serious problems such as strangulating obstruction, bowel rupture, or peritonitis. The new pocket-sized Vet360 digital refractometer instantly measures total protein and specific gravity in abdominal fluid without the need for ambient light that's required by manual instruments. The unit also features a large, easy to read display.   More

E coli labelled reduced Culture Plate Takes Mare Screening to a Whole New Level

Our Spectrum® culture plate and Spectrum®-Plus bi-plate were developed especially for equine practitioners who demanded more information from routine uterine cultures than what might  obtained by just streaking a blood agar plate. Due to the unique properties of the Spectrum® chromogenic agar, a presumptive identification of several common pathogens can be made just on color and colony morphology alone. A colony count can also be performed to assess the severity of infection.   More...

Porta Spin

Sample Processing to Go!

Timely separation of serum samples is imperative for preventing artifacts that can alter results and potentially lead to misdiagnoses. The new Porta-Spin addresses this potential problem with a centrifuge that operates on 12 volt DC current supplied by the cigarette/power receptacles in most cars and trucks allowing samples to be spun anywhere. The 6-place Porta-Spin can handle a variety of tube sizes from Microtainers to 15 ml. at a fixed speed of 3400 RPM. More..

PhasePro II

New Semen Evaluation System Offers Multiple Options

The just released G-Series phase contrast microscope is a must have tool for viewing live specimens. The unit features a digitally controlled heated stage and comes equipped with 20X and 40X plan phase objectives and 10X and 100X standard objectives allowing you to perform both phase contrast and Brightfield studies. Heated systems are available with either halogen or cool LED illumination starting at 3999.00. Models are also available without heated stage. Call for pricing and configurations.Download Brochure

DVM Rapid Test II sm1

In the Field Analyzer Runs Sperm Counts, IgG, and More

The next generation DVM Rapid Test II is a battery powered portable instrument that can deliver total sperm counts and IgG levels where and when you need them. The system utilizes an easy 10 minute procedure at a cost per semen sample of 1.60. The analyzer will also measure serum and colostrum IgG  levels at patient side for a cost/test of less than 14.00. More

Mobilepro stock photo

Cut the Cord With This Portable Microscope

The MobilPro is a cordless binocular microscope that goes wherever you need it. Powered by a rechargeable NiMH   battery that delivers 50-70 hours of continuous use between charges, the MobilPro uses cool, white LED illumination instead of a bulb to provide you with clear, sharp images. A full recharge takes just 8 hours and the batteries can be cycled up to 500 times before needing replacement. The unit’s advanced optical system features a specially designed condenser, 10X Wide field eyepieces, 4X, 10X, 40X and 100X PLAN objectives. Comes complete with dust cover, battery, and recharging station. More