Quincy Incubator

"Micro-Priced" Benchtop Incubator

The Quincy model 10-140 clinical incubator offers advanced styling in a compact, low cost, and dependable unit. While small enough to fit easily on any bench top, the unit’s 0.7 cubic foot chamber can easily accommodate 50-60 standard size (100 mm) agar plates or 15-20 large plates. The see-thru tinted acrylic door allows the user to view the entire contents without opening. The unit comes complete with one chrome plated adjustable shelf and a thermometer for monitoring chamber temperature. Additional shelves are available. Can also be used for warming IV fluids. Dimensions: 13":W X 11"D X 15"H 448.00      

   448.00       Download Brochure adobe

    (Also available as 2.0 cu. ft. Acrylic Door Model: 573.00)


California Prop 65 Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer.

H2200 MyTemp Open HR EM

Go Digital at a Great Price!

The MyTemp™ is a compact, full featured digital incubator with an excellent price point. The small footprint (just slightly more than a square foot) makes it perfect for any lab where counter space is at a premium. Digital set-it-and-walkaway temperature control with LCD readout means no thermometer to break and no rheostat to continually adjust. The .75 cu ft inner chamber has a removable shelf for accepting bottles up to 2 L and a clear front door. The MyTemp's lightweight shell and integrated handle make it portable, too. Dimensions: 13" W X 14" D X 18.75"H.

541.66        Download Brochure

Cultura M large

 It's Almost Like Getting it for Free!

Designed especially for use with all urine dip slide systems, the Cultura-M is a cost effective and space-saving option for the smallest of laboratories. Included with the Cultura-M is a custom designed rack for holding the vials upright although the rack can be removed to accommodate standard 100 mm culture plates or our new CultiPlate® compact urine culture system. The unit is constructed of heat and impact resistant polycarbonate and polystyrene and measures 12 in wide, 6.6 inches deep and 6.1 inches high. Limited time offer: Purchase the Cultura-M incubator and receive a free box of 10 Solarcult® Dip Slides, a 53.00 value and enough tests to payback your initial investment.


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