miPlatform G2

TrichurisMF composite miPlat red


Turn Any Smartphone into a High Quality Eyepiece Camera!

The newly redesigned miPlatform Smart Capture System attaches in seconds to any microscope allowing you to take high resolution photos and video using virtually any iPhone, Android, or Windows smart phone; even the new larger versions! Once captured, images can be saved or shared instantly via email, text message, or posting to the web. Images can also be sent via cable (not included) to an external monitor or video projector for real time viewing. The applications for this unique technology are limited only by your imagination!

The miPlatform Smart Capture system has three adjustable grips to securely hold any size smartphone as well as an easy to use control to adjust the depth of field. Conversion from microscope to camera is simplified by the integration of a dedicated eyepiece. Just remove one of the existing eyepieces from your microscope and slide the entire unit into place eliminating any need for realignment. *Note: Most microscopes utilize a 23 mm eyepiece however, some newer units made by Nikon, Olympus, as well as older more advanced microscopes and some stereoscopes require a larger 30 mm eyepiece. Not sure which size to order?  Click here

Smart Capture System with 23 mm Eyepiece       325.00
Smart Capture System with 30 mm Eyepiece       355.00