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Is your SCA 2000 reading "Charge Battery" even when plugged in? It is most likely due to a worn out internal battery pack. Before spending thousands on a new instrument, contact us for details about our replacement battery program. Be sure to ask how to save $$$ with Hemochron test cartridges vs. CoagDX. **Note: Hemochron cartridges will not run on the Idexx CoagDx analyzer.    
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When You Are Stuck For Space...

The Boekel 260700 Mini-incubator has the smallest footprint of any on the market; just 7.5" wide X 6.5" deep X 6" high. Easily accommodates up to 10 Uricult tubes or 6-7 standard agar plates. The heating element is mounted behind the rear wall to avoid baking of media. An interior mounted digitemp strip indicates temperature. View plates while incubating through smoked plastic door. This used unit is in excellent condition and if new would sell for over $400!    Sold! Please call to inquire about other units.
IEC Clinical Used

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