Microhematocrit Centrifuges


One Refurbished Unit Available.

Great Centrifuge. Great Price!


  • Most affordable full size microhematocrit centrifuge available.
  • Twenty-four (24) place rotor with replaceable rubber ring and screw down metal lid.
  • Dependable mechanical 5-minute timer with bell signal at end of run.
  • Air-cooled, brush type AC motor.
  • ABS plastic external housing with inner metal chamber for years of dependable use.
  • Safety switch in latch shuts off motor when lid is lifted.
  • Electric motor braking.
  • Indicator light tells when unit is in use.

Free microhematocrit reader included!

Best deal around at 1099.00

Powerspin BX

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Powerspin BX

The "Convertible" Centrifuge


  • 24 microhematocrit tube capacity
  • Powerful yet exceptionally quiet
  • Variable speed up to 13,000 RPM
  • Digital timer 0-99 minutes
  • Maintenance free brushless DC motor
  • Built in tube reader
  • Small footprint
  • Lightweight polymer exterior is chemical resistant and easy to clean
  • Standard 115V/60 Hz (220V also available)

Our price: 1956.00

With a selection of optional rotors the Powerspin BX can be converted in just 5 minutes to either a 24 place high speed microcentrifuge tube spinner or a 6 place variable speed model. The 6 place rotor will accept tubes up to 12 ml. and is an excellent choice  for separating blood samples or preparing specimens for urine sediment and cytological analysis. 


XCM Microhematocrit.RED

Mini-Microhematocrit goes where you need it!

This compact mini-microhematocrit could be the perfect solution for your mobile practice. This one-of-a-kind unit has been modified with a compatible microhematocrit rotor that will spin down up to 12 tubes in just 3 minutes.  Speed adjustment from 1000-12,000 RPM is controlled using the easy to read LED digital display and convenient touchpad. The small footprint of just 7 in X 8.5 in enhances portability and although power requirement is 110V, a good quality 12V to AC inverter will allow you to operate it wherever it’s needed. The unit comes with one vial of plain hematocrit tubes, 1 sealant tray, and the mini-microhematocrit reader card.  
Please note: Due to its small size, you must use 40 mm capillary tubes.   
A real deal at just 327.00!