Porta Spin


Timely separation of serum samples is imperative for preventing artifacts that can alter results and potentially lead to misdiagnoses. The new Porta-Spin addresses this potential problem with a centrifuge that operates on 12 volt DC current supplied by the cigarette/power receptacles in most cars and trucks allowing samples to be spun anywhere.

The 6-place Porta-Spin can handle a variety of tube sizes from Microtainers to 15 ml. at a fixed speed of 3400 RPM. (Optional adapters are required for smaller tubes.)  The Porta Spin also features a 30 minute timer, dual lid latch for added safety, a top mounted gauge to insure that the unit is level prior to operating, and an integrated stainless steel handle for easy carrying. Other options include an 8 place rotor; AC power adapter for in-clinic use, and side mount tube and adapter holder (shown). Also available with variable speed.


8 Place Model  436.00

12 V to AC Power Converter 167.00

18 Place Side-Mount Tube Holder 40.00

(33.00 when purchased with centrifuge)

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