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A Complete In-House System for Culture and Sensitivity

Spectrum®CS, the latest member of our Spectrum® family of chromogenic culture products, is a complete, easy to use system for identifying many common pathogens and determining their antibiotic sensitivity. Like our other Spectrum® products that produce colored colonies unique to each organism, our flagship Spectrum® IV quad plate further groups bacteria into Gram positive and Gram negative without staining. In addition, the Spectrum® IV  plate incorporates a selective Staphylococcus agar for differentiating Staph aureus from other less virulent species. A fourth quadrant with traditional TSA 5% Blood aka "Blood agar" allows for easy recognition of hemolytic Streptococci.

As an example, when grown on Spectrum® agar, E. coli will produce bright pink colonies. Streptococcus produces light blue pinpoint colonies while Pseudomonas produces large serrated colonies that are light green. A laminated color interpretation chart is provided at no charge with your first order. (See it here.)   

Antibiotic sensitivity testing is performed using the gold standard disc diffusion method and the provided Mueller Hinton agar plates. The BBL Prompt system for obtaining standardized suspensions of bacteria is included in the kit however direct testing with a liquid sample such as urine is also an option. Antibiotic disc cartridges and accessories (not included) are available for over 70 antimicrobials. Click here for listing.
The Spectrum® CS kit includes sufficient plates and accessories including inoculating loops and sterile swabs to process 5 specimens. All plates are individually wrapped for extended shelf life and to prevent drying and inadvertent contamination.

Spectrum®IV (Quad plate only)  58.89/Pkg. 10

Note: As with all culture procedures, a 37° incubator is required. Click here to see our  most popular units or call (800)330-1522 for our complete listing of both new and refurbished equipment or click here.