ACT system new

Screen for Clotting Factor Problems

Quickly and Easily

New compact design! This complete system for monitoring Activated Clotting Time (ACT) in animals features our proprietary ACTube™ replacement for the discontinued Becton Dickinson ACT tube. The ACT can be used on-site to quickly evaluate secondary hemostasis and is similar to the Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT) in that it tests for every clinically significant clotting factor (except Factor VII).  As a result, The ACT may be useful in the diagnosis and management of, rodenticide toxicosis, hepatopathy,  Hemophilia A and B and other disorders characterized by a decrease in clotting factors. The new small footprint ACT monitoring system includes a digitally controlled variable temperature heating block with cast aluminum 13 mm tube insert, stopwatch, 25 AcTubes and complete instructions.  Click here to view. Additional packages of ACTube ACT tubes containing diatomaceous earth are available separately.
Note: Integrated cover will not close when used with tubes larger than 1.0 ml.
Complete ACT System                377.96
ACTube ACT Tube; 100/pkg.      105.61
New 50 Test Packaging!               73.82
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