The Gold Standard for Dermatophyte Culture

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DermatoPlate® Duo
Culture System

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Special DermatoPlate® Duo Starter Kit includes 10 plates, KOH/DMSO clearing solution, DermatoPlate® fungal stain, Fungitape® for wet mount, tooth brushes, and color interpretation guide. 132.87

Culturing for Dermatophytes (Ringworm) is a routine procedure in veterinary practice. While pathogenic fungi typically produce a color change that can suggest infection, microscopic examination is required for definitive diagnosis. The unique DermatoPlate®-Duo dual chamber culture plate with fully removable cover simplifies inoculation and sampling of organisms especially when using the tooth brush (MacKenzie) technique. Specialized Enhanced Sporulation Agar (ESA) promotes the growth of diagnostic macroconedia making it the number one choice of dermatologists1. Click here for step by step tutorial.
  • Individually wrapped plates for extended shelf life.
  • Compact mini-plate (80 X 55 mm) for easy storage.
  • Tight fitting cover prevents media from drying out during prolonged incubation.
  • Available in 10 and economical 25 plate packaging.
  • DTM/Sabaroud dual plate also available.
DermatoPlate® Duo DTM/ESA (Comp. to Derm-Duet²) 10 or 25 plates/kit
DermatoPlate® S-Duo DTM/Sabaroud 10 or 25 plates/kit
DermatoPlate® Fungal Stain, Clearing Solution, Wall Chart, Fungi-Tape®, Toothbrushes (Single Use) also avaialble.
1DTM/Enhanced Sporulation Agar combination.
2Trademark of Hardy Diagnostics.

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