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The Spectrum ® Chromogenic System

A True Breakthrough for In-Clinic Culture and Sensitivity  

Spectrum®  is an advanced differential agar that can be used in conjunction with traditional culture methods to aid in presumptive identification of many common bacterial pathogens. When plated on Spectrum®  agar, each bacterium produces colored colonies unique to the organism. Identification is made by comparing the reactions to a full color reference chart  included with your first order.

For example, E. coli organisms produce a pink to red colony while Klebsiella produces blue to green-blue colonies. Pseudomonas colonies appear light green. Staphylococcus aureus produces a white to mauve colony and Proteus mirabilis appear as diffuse tan colonies. Color  reactions are genus and in some cases, species specific. Following inoculation, organisms will typically grow out in 16-24 hours.

Spectrum® -Plus combines Spectrum® agar and traditional TSA agar w/5% blood into a special bi-plate. Blood agar, a non-differential medium that will support the growth of most Gram positive and negative bacteria, can also help identify certain hemolytic organisms, in particular Group B Streptococcus and S. equi. Spectrum®-Plus is an excellent choice for culturing mares prior to breeding and for diagnosing uterine infection. A paper entitled "How to Diagnose Common Equine Reproductive Tract Bacterial Pathogens Using Chromogenic Agar" (Beehan presented at the 2009 AAEP conference touted the advantages of using chromogenic agars in the practice setting.

Spectrum® and Spectrum®  Plus agar are packaged in boxes of 10 individually wrapped plates for extended shelf life. Click here for package insert

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Note: As with all culture procedures, a 37° incubator is required. Click here to see our  most popular units or call (800)330-1522 for our complete listing of both new and refurbished equipment or click here.

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